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Used by professioal growers to increase yields, Earth Right Super Stuff Enhanced Soil Conditioner aerates heavy soils and breaks up clay layers. Earth Right Soil Conditioner also improves drainage and nutrient uptake in plants. The end result is healthier more productive fruits, flowers, trees, shrubs and lawns. Lawns treated spring and fall with Earth Right will be thicker and fill in where bare spots had been before. Lawns treated with Earth Right will drain better if standing water is an issue. Contains thousands of beneficial microbes required for proper plant growth and disease resistance. Without these microbes, the nutrients we feed plants are not in a form that can be readily utilized by the plant. Use after any chemical treatment of the soil to restore proper microbe levels needed for optimum plant health. Ready-to-spray. Requires no mixing. Simply hook to the end of a hose and spray. For every 5,000 square feet of area to be covered, it will take you just 3-6 minutes to spray. Always water in with1 inch of water to activate. First time users should apply product at double rate. Can also be used to condition bulb beds and improve seed germination for lawn seed, flowers and vegetables.

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